Thursday, December 01, 2005

Sound bytes from Magadi

Its almost been a week since we landed in Bangalore. The city has changed, but I found it more interesting that the people have changed so much more. Kannada has been on the wane for sometime now, but the ease with which auto drivers and bus conductors, vegetable and fruit stall vendors and many others start to speak in English took me by surprise. Or maybe the pony tail I sport these days is giving them the impression that I am not from these parts ...

On Tuesday, Sudha and I accompanied Prasanna, Vatsala and Prafulla to a project undertaken by the AID Bangalore chapter. While Sudha is compiling a detailed note about the visit I am have taken up the simpler task of cataloging and uploading the images and audio from our trip :-)

There are three audio files describing the two different manures that they use - green manure and vermicompost. The lead voice being that of Ravi from Motaganahalli, a village activist, mobilizer, and the local resource person for the project. Prasanna and Vatsala also chip in in the green manure snippet.

Murphy had to be vindicated - by the time we reached the most picturesque part of the project the sun had set and we had to make do with so so snaps using the small flash from a digital camera. The couple of shots of Prasanna and the one with Werner, were taken in Prasanna's house, when we visited him on Saturday.

The entire collection can be found here ...

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