Saturday, November 19, 2005

The last India trip?

Sudha and I are about to start on another trip to India. Given that we are planning to move back once I am done with my PhD, this might very well end up being our last India trip.

Its going to be a 5 week essay, with the longest stay being the week in Bangalore soon after we land on Nov 25th. As expected we are travelling on a packed itinerary. But thinking about all the places we wont be able to go and people we wont be able to meet makes me sad :( ... but then the fact that we wont be in my home town for more than 11 days aggregate also makes me sad. With all the folks we wish to meet up with in B'lore, I would be really glad if we can call on atleast the first circle of family and friends.

As I look forward to it, the highlight of the trip is going to be the 2005 AID India Conference in Delhi. Other than that we will be meeting with quite a few interesting groups and individuals, more about all that in future posts. Drop back over the next few weeks to see whats happening. :-)

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