Wednesday, September 07, 2005

No more long distance

Friday, September 2nd, 2005

OK - for the next few blogs, instead of yakking about myself, I'll talk about my hubby Dwiji. This dude, also known as Dwija, Deepu and Guru does sometimes seem to be many different people at once. He has been been very effective in providing remote support during the tsunami and the recent floods in India. This time, in the aftermath of Katrina, he decided to take a different approach. Here it is in his own words:


I am travelling down the Mississippi with supplies for hurricane survivors as part of a community organization that has come together here in Twin Cities, MN.

Over the day we have been able to collect ...

1. a huge 24' long truck
2. few thousand gallons of bottled water
and clothes, diapers, toiletries, dry food and lots of odds and ends
from the community either as donations.

Also raised about $3k in cash.

We are seeking donations in cash or kind. We still have space in the truck and will be stopping in different places on the way to hook up with groups that are collecting more relief materials. Please send an appeal / forward this mail to friends, relatives, contacts, etc. in Urbana Champaign IL, St Louis MO, Memphis TN and other places along I57 / I55. We are starting MN at 6 AM CDT on Sat. and plan to reach drop off locations near Jackson MS in 24 hours.

More info about the group can be found at

The latest of list of things that are needed is posted on the site.

The main point of contact will be Sudha Nagavarapu. she will be able to clarify any questions,
concerns and give you an update on how we are doing on time.

I plan to be back home by tuesday afternoon and will try to get as many audio snippets / photos as I can.

+ dwiji.

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